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Escaping the City

Since 2022

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The first day we met, Ryan sat me down on an old desk chair, spun me in circles and shot me across his basement floor to knock down empty glass bottles like a human bowling ball. Such a romantic, right? Well I guess it worked. Fast forward 18 years, add two kids and a desire to escape life in the city, and here we are!


After two years of binge watching farm related YouTube tutorials (thank YOU pandemic), we packed it all up and moved to the country. Myself being city born and bred have ZERO farming experience, hell I came into this terrified of chickens! Slightly more worldly than I, Ryan grew up in various farming communities and has helped out friends with odd farm jobs here or there but has never farmed himself. So here we are; a quarter of land, a 94 year old farmhouse, a really old chicken coop and an even older barn (with no roof!)

To add to our crazy little adventure we decided we should probably have a store to sell our farm food. And hey, wouldn't it be awesome if we could sell our neighbours' food too?! So we bought a grocery store, no big deal, right?!


We are learning as we go and building as we grow! Most of the time we are winging it and when in doubt there's always good old YouTube to fall back on.


There will be ups and downs, successes and failures, and hopefully lots of laughs along the way. Welcome to our journey!




Our Farm

First Generation & Counting

On our farm, Four Element Acres, we try our best to follow a nature friendly farming system. We believe in biodiversity, supporting natural ecosystems and mimicking nature to find an overall balance that naturally manages pests and supports soil health (without the need for chemical fertilizers).


Softies at heart, we love and respect our animals. We play with them, we nurture them and we truly want them to be happy and live healthy and fulfilling lives. We believe happy, healthy animals make happy, healthy humans.

"Our motto is we respect and honour the pigness of the pig and the chickenness of the chicken"

                            - Joel Salatin

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